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Michelle grew up on a farm, and by 13, she was already working at a local vet clinic after school. After working on some pretty traumatic injuries at the vet clinic, including a gunshot-wounded K9 and a cat who needed her leg amputated after a tractor accident, Michelle decided she wanted to go into the happier side of the pet industry.

In 1994, after earning her pet grooming certificate at 20 years old, Michelle started Camp Critter Country, grooming pets as she put herself through college. Though she intended to move into the corporate world after graduation, Michelle’s clients pleaded with her to reconsider the pet industry.

She did, expanding Camp Critter Country from a renovated camper to a grooming shop, retail area, and boarding kennels. Soon, she had to hire more staff and expand even further to keep up with the demand. Today, Camp Critter Country’s all-inclusive boarding facility includes five 2,000 SF community play yards, 100 acres of ponds, nine miles of trails, and wildlife, a shuttle service, and a full-service grooming salon.

In addition to her grooming certification and marketing degree, Michelle also holds a Masters in Entrepreneurial Management from Davenport University. She has been the President and CEO of Camp Critter Country for 26 years. Michelle lives on site with her husband, Dave, and her son, Elliott, and their dogs and cats. 




and I show it daily in the care that I give to the animals. We care for the animals at Camp as if they were our own pets. The Campers are our guests at Camp and we treat them as family.

- Michelle

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